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French Riviera Immobilier

Why choose French Riviera Immobilier?

Our dynamic team, with its background in private and professional real estate, and finance, will offer you properties that perfectly match your search.

Each member of the team will offer you support for your project from the start and provide you with personalised monitoring throughout the process until the final signature at the solicitor’s office.


Whether you are looking for a luxury property, a traditional villa, a small, medium or large apartment,old or new, premises for a commercial or private venture, a business to be taken over, a wine estate etc, a dedicated professional will support you in your search.

Another ADVANTAGE we offer:

We have a financing service for mortgage research within our organisation, which is fast and efficient, and FREE for our customers …

Ask us to provide you with your financial package to better refine your search, our mortgage specialist will process your request immediately without any obligation.

Our service is also specialised in professional and private financing, for which we also offer tailor-made support to our customers and which is FREE OF CHARGE.

For your convenience, our concierge service is available to you at any time for your seasonal rentals.

Our notary and solicitor partners ensure your case planning.

We speak


All this secure and professional environment will make you choose RIVIERA DATCHA IMMOBILIER for your project.

If you are the seller of your Property, you will confidently entrust it to our Agency, which will provide you with the best execution service: for any Exclusive Mandate, we offer you the mandatory Energy Performance Diagnosis.

Our medium and long-term rental service for Villas and Apartments is at your disposal. You can also delegate the management of your property for more comfort and security. We will take particular care in selecting tenants to consolidate your property income and your real estate assets.


Free real estate valuation service

Getting an idea of ​​the value of one’s Property is not very easy. So of course, you can browse real estate agency ads or private websites to try to find accommodations similar to yours, but this is a random exercise that may give you the wrong idea. Only the advice of an experienced professional can help you get a clearer idea. Whether you have a sales project or simply want to know what the “true” value of your property is, do not hesitate to contact us for a reliable, precise and FREE real estate estimate.